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Mix Fleet Manager

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MiX Fleet Manager by MiX Telematics is an end-to-end solution designed to give fleet operators the tools they need to sustain a high-performing operation – one that’s operating at optimum levels of efficiency and safety.

In addition, 24/7/365 customer support is provided throughout the partnership MiX Telematics has with its customers. MiX Fleet Manager includes a series of mobile applications that allow fleet managers to remain connected to their fleet at all times.

The solution comprises an on-board computer, an online tracking and information portal as well as access to valuable fleet and driver reports and analytics.


1. Reduced fuel costs
MiX Telematics provides a range of reports to enable the monitoring of fuel consumption. However, the key to reducing fuel and maintenance costs is to improve driver behavior. Vehicles that are driven well perform more efficiently and require less maintenance.
2. Improved driver safety
MiX Fleet Manager provides customers with all the tools necessary to monitor, manage and improve driver behavior. These include the MiX Rovi and RIBAS in-cab displays as well as a range of scoring and error reports. This combination is highly effective for safety improvement and risk reduction.
3. Improved utilization and efficiency
Getting the most from a fleet is the primary concern for any fleet manager. Knowing where vehicles are is only the beginning. MiX Fleet Manager provides operators with activity timelines to illustrate utilization patterns in their fleets. This assists in boosting efficiency.
4. Enhanced customer service
MiX Fleet Manager includes a find-nearest-vehicle function. It allows a fleet manager to identify the closest vehicle to a customer, assign a job to the driver and seamlessly route him straight there using the MiX Rovi in-cab navigation and messaging device.


1. Tracking
MiX Fleet Manager provides customers with a real-time view of their assets’ current positions. They are also able to see whether an asset is moving or stationary, and which driver is driving which vehicle. The innovative software platform displays other useful information such as speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations and a trail of where the asset has been. Tracking through MiX Fleet Manager fully equips customers to efficiently and effectively manage their fleet, boosting performance levels.
2. Live information streams
MiX Fleet Manager promotes proactive monitoring through live streams of information. These streams are user-defined and contain information about events and messages to and from assets and/or drivers. A stream can be ‘undocked’ and kept open, regardless of where the user navigates to in the application. Fleet managers derive great value from live information streams, as they enable real-time management and immediate action to be taken.
3. Reporting
A range of reporting and analytics tools are available through MiX Fleet Manager, allowing fleet information to be scrutinized in detail, based on user-defined selections. Driver behavior and fuel consumption, for example, can be effectively managed using the relevant reports. Reports available include asset movement reports, movements into and out of locations, driver scoring, event violations and cost analysis reports

Watch The Video : MiX Telematics is a global provider of information and related services for the efficient and effective management of mobile assets, including driver safety, vehicle tracking and fleet management.

Sales – Installations – development – maintenance – support. A complete service provider

We are authorised factory trained dealers of the systems we promote. All staff are fully trained by all factories concerned to ensure an enviably high level of knowledge, professionalism and workmanship. This level of competence has given us the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest organisations who entrust us with the task of managing their fleets as their preferred service provider.

The company was formed in 1985 to primarily deal in the automotive security and communication market. As the company grew and markets changed we began to cover all aspects of aftermarket auto electronics, including fleet management, vehicle tracking and driver safety.

To date we have installed over 20000 units in over 65 countries to over 75 individual clients.

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A truly bespoke service provider, you want it we build it

Knowing exactly how to meet your needs is paramount in you achieving your goals. The ability to draw on 25 years of knowledge derived from every area of our business will enable us to provision a complete service to your exacting requirements.

As consultants, we work closely with you to provide the best possible system for you, functionality and budget as key focus. Our in-house software development team are ready to deliver the essential tools needed to manage your fleet.

We offer a truly bespoke service with an open minded developmental approach to ensure you have literally what you need without compromise.

One to one open minded consultation with implementation focus on these key points.

Bespoke Hardware

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  • Cost
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Egress Software Solutions

We are a UK based bespoke software development firm situated in the garden of England. An approachable, dedicated professional team with a forward thinking attitude.

We draw from a comprehensive understanding of available technologies using a robust working methodology to design and build software that perfectly supports and empowers your unique business needs.

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